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What Will You Expect From the Portugal Finest Golf Course?

Portugal is the undisputable golf ecstasy of all in times, and this time does not fail to visit the Alamos golf course. It is a fresh golf paradise that should not escape any golf lovers’ exploration list. Enjoy the great climate of playing golf in this region while enjoying the glorious view of the surroundings.

The best way to describe the Alamos golf destination is to refer to it as a great work of Art by Russell Talley. It was established in 2006; this golf course is situated in the Northern Portimao. This golf course neighbor the Morgado golf course. The golf course is lies on a large area of 980 hectares filled with little gorges. The bunkers in this golf course are deep and they need sharp players to stay up to the challenge. The venue is magnificent due to the green vegetation that runs along the golf course with different elevations to represent the different height of intensities.

The course has log legs on the par 5s and to get back to the 9, one needs the services of buggy. The course is also enhanced by the well flowing water hazards throughout the course. The golf course is known for the 14th hole which ignites the sport to a whole new level. The course allows handicaps 28 for males and 36 for females.

The Alamos golf Portugal's course is 18 holes. It is bordered by magnificent sceneries to catch your attention as you enjoy the sport. The unique greens, in contrast to the neighboring course Golfe does Morgado, are petite and firmer in terms of the rise and fall of the ground. The holes in this course are encircled by indigenous vegetation to make the scenery more superb and the game more interesting.

The Alamos golf course Portugal has other amenities that offer a comfortable environment to the golfers. There are cafes, bars, great reception throughout the day and the buggies in this course come up with no GPS. Although this golf course doesn’t have a golf academy, one can get classes from the professionals who dwell around. The most important thing to note is that the course allows a minimum age limit of 16 years.

How Can I Locate the Alamos Golf Course Portugal?

Locating the Alamos golf club is easy, thanks to the signboards. Use the new Motorway A22 that drives towards the Monchique and Silves region. After reaching the roundabout follow the road sign that heads to the Monchique and Silves for 11 kilometers. A clear sign post will direct you further to left for another 12 kilometers then drive to the right heading to the Morgado Estate. From there you will follow the road for at least 11.8km to the clubhouse.

Further from the Golf course, there is the Alamos golf club, which is entirely fitted with all the amenities. It has all the needed equipment for hire and car hire for the best discounts. Among the facilities offered in the golf club include Pro golf shop, tennis courts, swimming pools, driving range and a pavilion for watching sports. The Alamos golf club is a one-stop shop for the visiting golfers.

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