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Alto Golf Course for Golfers Who Love Challenge in Their Game

In the true meaning of the word premier, this one is indeed a premier golf club, with a great course and none other better than it anywhere else in west Algarve. However, when you go to the Alto Golf course, it will be more than a golfing holiday as you will really enjoy your stay there. You will see just why Alto golf and country club are reputed to be the best in Portugal, and you will love everything about it. Do you love the sea? Then this is the perfect destination for you to tee with the sea air filling your lungs. If you have seen images of this golf course in the images online, that is what you are going to get from the real settings.

Alto Golf is more than just plain, ordinary golf. It is great golf. You will enjoy playing this wonderful game, and you will love everything about the game. The golf course is set in great grounds, with the sea close by; the golf course is called a challenge because e of its design, and indeed, it is a challenge, especially the 600m par 5. It was designed by Sir Henry Cottons, who features in many of the challenging golf courses. When you play here, you will have to play with your all, your mind, and body to beat the challenge. However, if you conquer this field, you will have the most gratifying feeling you have ever experienced in golf.

The elevated greens, the trees and the unpredictable terrain show this as one of the must-play golf course. However, it is not a place for just everyone, but it is mostly for golf fanatics who love a good challenge. The Alto Golf course Portugal could easily take all the accolades as the best one. While you are there, you can also arrange for sea cruises with your family and you can go watch the fishermen at work. Remember this golf course is set in Alvor, a fishing village. At the beginning of play, the easy Par 3 will deceive you, but wait until you proceed and that is where the challenge and all the fun will be. You will love everything about this golf course.

Founded way back in 1991, the Alto golf and country club have a lot to offer people as they have undergone great improvement over time. The golf facilities include the golf academy for the newbie golf players and for the kids. There is a restaurant and bar, putting green, a pro shop that sells golfing equipments and then there is the driving range.

The log legs will give you some headache first, especially if you think that your hit is great, and then it goes through the log leg. However, the foremost thing that you should be looking out for in this golf course is fun, and that is what the elevated greens will give you. Maybe you are just starting to play golf. With this course, you will do more than hone your skill. When you go to the other simpler courses, you will have great play. Alto golf Portugal is not for the faint hearted, but then, the fun is in the challenge, isn’t it?

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