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The Boavista Golf Course in Algarve – Enjoy the Thrill of a Golfing Holiday Here

There is a good holiday and then there is a great vacation. A golfing holiday in Portugal can only be great to any golfing enthusiast and safe for the historical golfing prowess of Algarve; golf lovers are presented with a spectrum of world-class golf courses to choose from. It does not really matter what your golfing antics are, at Algarve, whether a golfing newbie in search of some handy tips, or an experienced golfer intending to polish their skills, the best spot to be the world-famed Boavista golf course.

A deeper peek at the Boavista golf course

The Boavista golf enjoys a strategic location in the West of Algarve on a preserved headland situated between Praia da Luz and Lagos, commanding dramatic views of the nearby Lagos bays and the distant and magnificent Monchique hills. The golf course comfortably sits in the famed Boavista Resort that spreads up to 250 acres of leisure and residential development, forming a welcomed addition to the already existing courses in the West of Algarve.

The Boa Vista golf course Portugal was designed in 2002 by the world famed golf architecture, Howard Swan. This course is one of his most successful projects, comfortably integrated in a breathtaking and completely natural terrain, making the course a delight to the eyes of even the choosiest golfer. The course is presented in two major sections, a fact that makes it ideal for experienced as well as beginner golfers.

Very interesting Boavista golf holes

The series of holes near the entrance of golfing resort have been specially designed to introduce a particularly rough terrain off the fairways that are managed to the highest standards imaginable by a dedicated green-keeping staff. The 5th and the 12th holes are the unique in the series. This is because they are presented more naturally and traditionally since they are located in areas with high environmental sensitivity. The Boavista golf club has continued to take protect a rich flora and fauna in the course, giving it a more natural touch.

All the holes in the course have been well planned with all calibers of golfers in mind and for an interesting golfing experience. The views provided by the seventh hole that is in the furthest extent of the Boa Vista golf course finely takes the bays at the Praia da Luz completely all the way the Sagres headlands, the point at the most southwest European continent.

Facilities at the Boavista golf course

A golfing holiday can only be great if the destination that you are considering has all the necessary golfing facilities. Luckily, when you choose to be at the Boavista golf resort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of facilities that will simply make your holiday all the most interesting and memorable. This golf course takes pride in facilities such as villas, apartments, a modern clubhouse, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, a tennis academy and of course, an excellent championship golf course.

The Boavista golf course for beginner golfers

In addition to the top mentioned facilities, the Boavista golf Algarve has a golf-teaching academy for golfing newbies, a chipping and pitching area, a driving range, putting green and much more. So, book online for a golfing experience like none other.

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