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The Magnificent Quinta-Do-Lago Golfing Destination

The Quinta do Lago golf course is simply an exclusive golfing and residential development located in Algarve, neighboring the equally great Vale do Lobo estate. The course that comfortably sits in about 2,000 acres of breathtaking verdant orchards was founded back in the year 1971, and it has been a thrilling spot for many golf enthusiasts with its unequalled enjoyment and favorable topography. The course’s countryside and the extensive pine forests are bordered by the famous Ria National Park and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Quinta do Lago golf courses - what you do not know about it

This course is not the conventional golf course that one will come across. Being one of the Algarve’s golfing strongholds, this course offers everything that a golfer would expect from a high-class golf resort. The golfing estate provides several rental golf villas, swimming pools, a modern hotel, a pleasant beach area, restaurants, football, tennis courts and 3 high-quality championship 18-holes Quinta do Lago golf courses. This is the all-famous Quinta do Lago North Golf Course, the Quinta do Lago South Golf Course, and the Laranjal Golf Course. All these golf courses are modernly designed to enable golfers to take advantage of the natural terrain, and they are fantastically built and maintained to high standards, with the South and South courses being rated in between the best courses in the world.

The Quinta do Lagos golf courses and unspoilt beaches

If you really are not receiving golfing tips or experiencing the thrill at the Quinta do Lago country club, then you will have awesome moments killing time at the magnificent beach that is just a stone throw distance away. This beach with soft sand is reachable by the very popular wooden bridge that amazingly spans tidal marshes. This is the Praia do Ancao beach that is warm, unbeatably peaceful and a great point for a multitude of water activities. You will certainly want to follow the beach’s tail to its spear-point that is truly wild with pure sand dunes, rich trails and unexplored flora and Fauna at the National Park.

The Quinta do Lago golf club takes pride in numerous facilities and activities that lure golfers and non-golfers to immerse themselves in the expansive parkland from restaurants of local cuisines to riding, not to mention the Algarve-famous Casa Gigi that proudly stands on the beach, providing dramatic views of the blue seawaters. Perhaps the Bougainvillea Center is what makes a Quinta do Lago golfing holiday complete. After a day of Quinta do Lago golf, any golfer will want to retreat to this center, thanks to its wide range of bars, cafes and a modern nightclub that offers some real Portuguese nightlife.

The location and accessibility of the Quinta do Lago resort is perhaps another thing that makes golfing so irresistible here. Quinta do Lago is simply a preserved corner of paradise, positioned safely far from the crowds and comfortably sitting deep within a location of unequaled natural beauty and tranquility. With numerous holiday packages and surprisingly competitive deals, your Quinta do Lago golf holiday can only get better the value of your money since you can be able to book a flight and a hotel all at the same time for a quick golfing getaway.

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