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Looking For A Delightfully Challenging Golfing Experience - Consider The Salgados Golf

The Salgados golf course is a Par 72 courses that spread approximately 8000 meters and located by the Algarve seashore nearby the world-renowned holiday destination; Albufeira. The flat landscape where this course comfortably sits is adjacent to a famous bird sanctuary, not to mention the magnificent Praia de Gale sandy beach, just a stone-throw distance behind it. While most golfers will find this course irresistible because of the bonus opportunity to admire rare species of nesting and migratory birds, it is quite not the choice for golfers who would easily get distracted by a challenging landscape.

The Salgados golf is more than thrilling for golfers who want to go for rounds that are out of the norm. The golf course offers numerous water hazards, a fact that gives conventional golfing a degree of difficulty, making it a real test even for the most polished golf enthusiasts. The course that precisely is a 6080 meters layout and with many water hazards, require top golfing skills with very approaching shots. High accuracy in diving is also necessary if a golfer is to make successful scores at this course, a fact that makes it all a more interesting golf examination, particularly for handicap golf players.

Most interesting holes of the Salgados golf

The other reason why any golfer will want to play in the Salgados golf club is the strategic locations of the golf holes. Actually, all other holes apart from the 17th have lakes on them, so if you barely manage to play the same ball start to finish, then you will want to consider yourself very lucky. The Salgados course is flat with a tropical golfing atmosphere that is enhanced by an amazing sea breeze. Hole 1 a Par 4 is the easiest start hole here, whereby you will have an opportunity to start a round with a birdie, since you will have sufficient space for shots.

Are you a first-time golfer? Join the Salgados golf club

You really do not have to be a golf fanatic to be at the Salgados golf course Algarve. Are you interested in golfing for the first time and you do not know where to start your golfing lessons? If you are a newbie golfer, or you have been at golfing, and you really want to polish your skills, then there is no better place to be than at Salgados. Safe for it golfing academy, beginners get a rare opportunity to learn the dos and don’ts of golfing from highly skilled and experienced golfers. Successful golfing is all about principles and in the lessons here, beginner golfers are provided with priceless instructions and principles.

Facilities in a typical golfing course can mean the difference between memorable golfing rounds and not so satisfactory golfing experiences. The Salgados golf course Portugal has a vast range of facilities where you can retreat to after your rounds of golf, for some cool drinks and seafood delicacies. You will certainly want to try the restaurant at the Salgados Beach, the bar, the pro shop, the driving range or else, head further to Albufeira where you will be spoiled for options.

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