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A Perfect Destination for a Golfing Holiday

Vale do Lobo ocean golf course is the leading luxury and oldest golf resort in Algarve Portugal. The Vale do Lobo means “Valley of the wolf”. The resort is famous for its outstanding and challenging golf courses namely the Ocean and the Royal. It is the largest resort combining the sports and golfing facilities. It is very popular and it has even received an award of the Best Golf Resort from the Today’s Golder Travel Awards. This and many other reasons makes the resort a must-visit. One thing about the resort is that, when you are here be ready to be marveled by unique and extraordinary experiences that awaits you.

Why Vale do Lobo golf club for holiday?

There are many reasons to head off to Vale do Lobo golf course for a holiday vacation. First, the staffs are very friendly making you feel very safe. The place has a perfect atmosphere, which makes it feel even better, than home. Secondly, it is an 18-holes resort, offering one of the largest areas for golfing. The fact that is has two golf courses, is another reason to visit. The visit gives you a perfect moment to play at the Royal and the Ocean golf course. Many resorts have only one golf course leaving them in no position to give you the experience of playing in two different courses of the same resort. This makes the resort to be one of the most sorted for by many golfers.

The reasons continue as to why you should spend your holiday at this resort- there is much to celebrate. The staff here understands their priority is keeping the guests happy and ensuring that all the services provided are affordable. The resort does better than that, it sets its fees at very affordable prices and then goes further to provide discounts. Vale do Lobo golf packages are what you can simply describe as just amazing or better yet ‘out of this world! They have numerous packages the spa package, golf package, Easter package and tennis package among others. The aim of the packages is to maximize the fun of the holiday by spending as less as possible.

Additional entertainment and benefits to expert at Vale do Lobo royal golf course

Vale do Lobo golf Portugal course has something for everyone. If you are planning to take a family vacation, this should be your destination. It is the best place you can improve your golfing experience levels and you can use the academy present to introduce the young members of the family to the golfing fun. Academy is open for all juniors under the age of 16 years. Having the experience of over 40 years ensures that they give the golf beginner excusive training. That is no all; there are other attractions for the young members of the family to keep them entertained all along. The range from ocean safaris to racing tracks, nature trails and 4D cinemas among others.

Vale do Lobo resort is the best destination for a combined golf and a holiday vacation. Here, you will have unlimited golf all week long, cocktail parties, luxury accommodation packages among other many more benefits. Make your holiday vacation to be the best you ever had by visiting Vale do Lobo royal golf course for your upcoming holiday.

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