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Considering a Golfing Holiday? Why You Must Visit the Vale-do-Milho Golf Course

The Vale do Milho golf course is simply a splendid course that is comfortably spread outside the Carvoieiro on the Atlantic coast of Algarve, Portugal. Strategically located on the coast of Algarve, this golf course is not the conventionally small and serene golf course. It is the ideal golfing destination whether for a family or a corporate holiday, courtesy of its rich and rare combination of golf and extensive sandy beaches. With it entails, members of your family who are not comfortable with playing golf in a golf club will get spoilt for multitudes of other activities here.

Why Vale-do-milho is the golfing destination for everybody

To begin with, the location of this golf course is what makes any golfing holiday here very lucrative and enjoyable. The 9 holes par 3 course located in a relatively raising landscape, a fact that makes Vale do Milho golf very lucrative and challenging to even some of the most experienced golfers. Golfing beginners get a comely reception, making even family holidays with newbie golfers a great option. Courtesy of the available golfing academy here, starters simply transforms into golfing fanatics in short time, safe for the coaching of vastly experienced golfers. First time golfers are caught by surprise by the high number of challenges that the course has to offer.

If facilities are what you consider as the most important aspects in selecting a golfing destination, then you will have a good reason to be in the Vale do Milho golf course. This golf course takes pride in an extensive number of modern golfing facilities and amenities from a pro shop, residential coaches, pitching areas and a vast driving range. Other facilities include a modern clubhouse with very professional staff where golfers can relax after making their rounds, completing Vale da Milho as a pleasant golf course in the sun.

Excellent surroundings for more fun after a golfing round

This golf course is a member of the Vale do Milho golf club that incorporates a number of surrounding beaches. The beaches near this golf course are simply ideal for summer days where you would want to keep off the golf course and catch some thrill at the beach. With powdery, soft and comely sand, the clear waters complete the magnificent scenery. These beaches have been a tourist attraction for many years and for that reason, they have been fully equipped with all necessary facilities, food and refreshment joints and any sport opportunities that you can think of.

More reasons why you should schedule a golfing holiday at Vale do Milho

There location of a golfing club is vital to many golfers, but this is certainly not a thing for any golfer with their focus on this golf course. Vale do Milho is strategically located a few minutes from the Algarve countryside where you can cycle or walk through untouched landscape while enjoying the picturesque view of the dramatic coastline.

The Algarve culture is still vibrant, a fact that seems to drown any golfer with a taste of culture. The towns surrounding the golf course have many great local restaurants, not to mention the magnificent beachside cafes. If you will be joining a Vale do Milho golf club here, then you will get a chance of being catered for with delightful swimming pools, theme parks, petting zoos, and so forth.

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