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Unforgettable Vacation at Batalha Course

The Batalha Golf Club offers beautiful views of the historical land it stretches across. While offering 27 holes for golfers to explore, it provides amazing views of hills and the nearby ocean waters. There is a large amount of greens including grass and tall trees with various fairways and bunkers with unique contours. Over the years, the golf club has hosted a number of events including wedding celebrations and banquets. Once you visit the Batalha Golf Club you can plainly see it is not just a place for golfers to unwind and relax.

Relax at the Clubhouse with Comfortable Service Options

The clubhouse is a large facility featuring a number of services and ways to get comfortable. The clubhouse sits adjacent to the Batalha Golf Course with plenty of options for guests. There is a lounge area with a fireplace, television and internet access. A fully stocked golf shop offers plenty of merchandise to choose from as well as essential golf equipment. An outdoor esplanade accompanies the golf bar and there is a variety of delicious menu items provided at the restaurant. Guests can utilize a meeting room and banquet hall that can seat up to 300 people.

Playing on the Batalha Golf Course provides plenty of leisure time for guests to enjoy. It is worth noting that travelers should review their local rules to ensure they play the game fairly and safely. This includes pertinent information about how to play certain holes on the course and what to look out for. When viewing the course, it may seem like a typical place to play golf. Upon reviewing the course map and details about the holes and course design, you may look at the course differently. It provides a beautiful setting for a celebration event or a tranquil calm feel for golfers to help them concentrate on making a hole in one.

Planning a Golf Holiday with Affordable Accommodations

When it comes to planning a golf holiday, places such as the Batalha Golf Resort, may offer deals and discounts worth reviewing. Sometimes it helps to work with a travel agent or planner to help you find affordable packages. Your schedule may be another factor in getting something affordable. Some packages may require you to stay for a week in order to enjoy perks and benefits such as unlimited golf or reduced green fees. A number of golf publications may also provide useful tips in how to plan your golf holiday efficiently.

Places such as the Batalha Golf Resort will have breathtaking views and highly ranked golf courses. But, checking feedback and reviews from previous guests may uncover other details to help you plan your trip. Check with the golf club for additional travel information. Some may provide hotel accommodations onsite or recommend a hotel based on your needs. Batalha Golf is a popular place for golfers to visit, but even if you are not a golfer lover, you can still enjoy good food, natural atmosphere and gorgeous views.

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