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Choosing Golf Courses in Portugal and England

The well designed Vilamoura golf courses are well known worldwide. Their popularity comes from their numerous impressive awards that they have garnered both locally and internationally. This led them to be nicknamed the capital center for golfing activities. Professional golfers who understood perfectly what a great golf course needs designed the Vilamoura.

There are many golf courses in Algarve. A visit here will give you a chance to see the best golf areas for great golfing holiday fun. San Lorenzo, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and the Vilamoura golf courses are some of the best ones you can visit. The latter mentioned are over ten courses ensuring an extreme fun golf holidays. The great climate in Algarve ensures a summer time full of golfing activities. Due to the perfect areas that the courses are located at, it is possible to play golf even when the weather is a bit harsh. In fact, the professional golfers long for such moments to prove their golfing skills by getting the best shot when the air is not clear.

The golf course in Portugal outdoes other when it comes to its features. This makes golf course in Portugal one of the top destinations of all time. The Vilamoura golf course was established in 1969. It can be called the mother of the other golf courses because it paved way for their formation. In fact, it led to the formation of a club that brings together several Portugal courses together.

Attractions in the golf courses

Many attractions make the golf courses in Algarve the most enticing. The presence of many courses in one area ensures that every visitor has a section to improve his or her golfing skills. They are well maintained by professionals. Their work ensures that the place has a relaxing and serene atmosphere that one can use as a getaway all the time. That these are golfing courses does not mean that they are used for golf activities only but visitors can engage in other sports like tennis and shooting.

Where else can you enjoy golfing?

It is not only in Algarve, Portugal that you can get to enjoy golfing activities. Sometimes circumstances may make it impossible to access this area, the best part is such situation do not cancel the chance of having golf fun activities. There are others places that you can enjoy golfing to the fullest. One such place is England. It has unique and natural looking courses.

One very popular golf course in England is the Royal St. Gorge Golf Course. It is very famous for its natural appearance. It is believed that not a single thing is artificial in this golf club. This golf course feels and looks totally natural with its well blended beautiful surroundings. This golf course offers a golfer more than golf playing area. It provides one with a serene atmosphere, clean and fresh air, plus a huge area for all the fun activities that one can think of. It is possible to engage in many fun and interesting activities as one would wish for. England provides the area and atmosphere for that.

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Another golf course in England loved by many is the Royal Birkdale Golf Club. It was officially opened in 1889 as a nine-hole course but was later advanced to an eighteen–hole course. It has been used for very important events. It has hosted many world cup championship events. If you are an advanced golfer, then this is the perfect course for you. It is situated in a location that experiences strong winds, which would pose a challenge to an average golfer.

Close to the sea with its breeze and winds, professional golfers love such challenges. There are other golf courses in England that will give a golfer a golfing experience of a lifetime.

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