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Aroeira Golf Resort

The Aroeira Golf Resort offers plenty of leisure activities with wonderful views of nature at its best. The Aroeira Golf Club has over 500 members that actively play the golf course which features 36 holes. A first glance of the course may have you thinking it is just another golf course with a typical design. Yet, amateur and professional golfers have enjoyed playing on the course for a number of reasons. The atmosphere is quaint and quiet, making it a perfect place for golfers to get comfortable in the great outdoors. A number of previous guests have been pleased with accommodations and services provided. But, what makes the Aroeira Golf Club so special and highly recommended by its members?

Various Options for Golfers to Take Advantage Of

Playing at the Aroeira Golf Course has plenty of privileges and benefits for golfers. One feature many guests have enjoyed includes the golf school. Here, you have various opportunities to get trained on how to play golf to the best of your ability. The school has two driving ranges, two putting greens, and a number of activities to keep you engaged while learning. It has been mentioned that several top national golfers have graduated from here. Lessons are available for adults and children with golf tests and club fitting also being provided. This is a good opportunity for those who want to learn the ins and outs about golf, and even experts may learn a few pointers on how to improve their abilities on the course.

Another feature of the Aroeira Golf Course many guests have enjoyed includes the golf shop. Here you have a vast selection of equipment and merchandise you need to play your best. The shop features top brand items and products of high quality. It has been mentioned that this golf shop is one of the largest in the world while providing an extensive option of items to choose from. This golf shop has a unique history and it has a number of other locations throughout the world including England and 18 other countries.

Comfortable Accommodations to Be Your Home Away from Home

The golf club has a unique selection of villa apartments to help you stay comfortable during your stay. The Aroeira Golf Resort Villas sit among pinewood trees with fantastic views of nature. The villas give guests great access to the golf course with the option to unwind at the tropical swimming pool provided. Those interested in staying at a villa have different options they need to review, since prices vary depending on accommodations and rooms. Guests have also enjoyed private villas with limited access for those who want to enjoy more privacy.

When considering the Aroeira Golf Resort Villas, you should also note any additional fees that may apply. You can contact the villa to learn about possible discounts and promotional offers. The timing of your visit may also have an effect on how much you pay per night. Many rooms offer comfortable accommodations including a balcony, full kitchen, full bathroom, and lounge area with beautiful views of surrounding nature areas. Additional services available for guests include continental breakfast and you can request breakfast at the clubhouse. There are one and two bedroom villas available with some two bedroom options providing accommodations for up to 4 people.

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