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Bom Sucesso Golf Course

The Bom Sucesso Golf Course features a modern style with high quality architectural design. While being in close proximity to the Lisbon area, the course is known for its unique design created by a world-renowned architect. While the course was recently opened to the public in 2008, those who have enjoyed playing here feel feature golfers will feel right at home with its attractive breathtaking views of surrounding terrains.

Significant Offerings of the Bom Sucesso Golf Resort

The resort offers a number of accommodations and benefits for travelers and tourists. Amateur golfers can make reservations for weekend golf lessons. There are a number of tournaments for club members as well as upcoming events. A par 72 course, there are 18 holes with each one offering different challenge levels perfect for professionals and beginners. With plenty of green grass golfers can take advantage of playing in an area that offers spectacular views thanks to the architectural designs of Donald Steel. The Bom Sucesso Golf Club design was inspired by the look of earlier golf courses in the past. Meaning, it offers a number of good natural conditions to help support your performance on the course.

What Makes the Visit So Memorable and Enjoyable?

The Bom Sucesso Golf Resort has villas, townhouses, rentals, private swim areas and gardens. The villas and townhouses feature a contemporary design with plush furnishings and warm simple color schemes. Some of the holes on the course also offer some additional excitement. In fact, some of the later holes on the course are considered a few of the most intriguing play areas in Portugal. Players and those watching from the sideline may enjoy viewing the twists and turns that make such holes even more tempting. The Bom Sucesso Golf Course also has a clubhouse, bar, and restaurant.

Additional Information You May Find Useful for Your Trip

The golf course may offer holes at discount prices through green fees. The discounts may be given during the week and/or on weekends. Some have specific dates of when the discount is available or when it can be applied. Feedback and comments regarding the course from previous visitors should also be reviewed to get an idea of overall experience and quality. Some people enjoyed their stay and thought it was worth their time and at good value. Many gave maintenance high remarks as well as service and playing experience.

The Bom Sucesso Golf Club offers putting green, pro-shop, driving range and buggies. Other facilities onsite include changing rooms, electric trolleys and club hire. The weather in the area is comfortable, but you may want to review actual temperatures and conditions to know what to pack for your trip. As previously mentioned, the course offers a unique design to enhance playing experience. Review a map of the course to get a better idea of where holes are placed to get an understanding of level difficulty. Courses may have sand dunes, hills, and other natural effects to consider when playing each hole.

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