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Golfe Do Montado Resort

The Montado golf course offers unique landscape layout that includes 18 holes through the course. The atmosphere of the hotel resort area is quiet and tranquil with a modern setting. The rooms are designed with a luxurious appeal while overlooking the natural beauty of the golf course. While many enjoy playing on the course and improving their golf skills, others like to enjoy sunbathing on the terrace to relax. The Montado golf course offers individuals and families ways to get comfortable while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

Booking Your Holiday or Vacation Stay May Be Cheaper Online

Planning your golf holiday at the Montado is easy thanks to a number of discounts provided online. Meaning, the golf club offers guests an affordable way to enjoy their trip with internet rates. There are rates available depending on who you traveling with. The Montado Golf Resort provides accommodations for individuals, couples, groups and families. The resort has over 90 rooms that come with breathtaking views of the course and woodland terrace areas.

While it can be a treat to be outdoors playing on the course, guests can swim indoors at the indoor pool. Guests have a number of ways they can choose to relax and unwind. A fitness center and gym allows you to work out without leaving the premises. A sauna and spa bath is available and great for leisure time. Golfers have different options at the Montado Golf Resort through their golf facilities.

Whether You Are a Golfer or Not There Are Several Ways to Have a Good Time

Golfe Do Montado presents a unique golf experience for expert players and even those who want to learn the sport for the first time. The golf course features 18 holes with 72 par. Many feel the course is one of the most beautiful courses in Portugal that presents competitive play at all levels. Throughout the course there are lake areas and plenty of twists and turns that will have you paying extra attention to your swing. A prime opportunity for guests to enjoy a golf course a number of professional golfers have won their first championship on. The spa onsite is another treat and favorite for many guests. The spa offers a number of programs and services including therapies and Zen. The restaurant and bar provide delicious options with fine foods of international flare. The bar offers snacks, drinks, and quick meals while engaging in pleasant conversation or reading.

Additional Information to Help You Plan Your Holiday or Vacation Getaway

Golfe Do Montado may have special offers and golf packages available during certain times throughout the season. There are also special travel packages for those seeking a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Compare package deals to understand what is included and possible additional costs should you need to make changes or adjustments. For golfers, you may need to make reservations for tee time and classes at the academy prior to your arrival. Golfers may be interested in obtaining a membership for additional benefits.

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