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Golfe de Amarante Resort

Amarante Golf Club is great option to consider for a family golf holiday. Amarante Golf provides various options for adults and children to enjoy the great outdoors. Guests have a vast selection of facilities and services that provide quality comfort and relaxation the whole family will enjoy. The gold course offers beautiful scenic views of woodlands for miles. The region is known for a number of attractions and sightseeing adventures. Guests can enjoy tournaments, events, golf lessons at the golf school, great cuisine at the restaurant, and so much more. The Amarante Golf Club has received high reviews from previous guests who say their time spent was worth the stay.

Enjoyment for the Whole Family at Amarante Golf

The clubhouse provides guests with several options to relax and unwind when you’re not playing on the course. The golf shop offers a wide selection of golf merchandise and equipment for adults and children by top recognized brands. The shop is totally dedicated to the sport while providing essentials for practicing and beginner golfers. Golfers can even obtain technical advice from a professional staff member with plenty of golf knowledge on what product is best for your needs. The golf school offers presentations and practice sessions with a professional golf coach. Adults and children can take part in lessons that will help improve swing, form, and concentration while playing on the course. Learning through the school is fun and interesting since they offer a diverse selection of courses with the help of modern technology.

Playing Golf like a Pro Whether You’re an Amateur or New to the Game

The Amarante Golf Course features 18 holes with a unique layout that includes three lake areas. Designed by Portuguese architect Jorge Santana da Silva, it offers plenty of challenges for golfers among beautiful areas of nature. An aspect many golf players have shared about this course is to have good distance judgment. Once you see the course map for a better idea on detail and design, you will see why. Many of the holes have a good amount of distance between them. The course map helps you understand how to hit the ball and from what direction. The design of the Amarante Golf Course is not only to challenge players, but to constantly test their skills and abilities when playing each hole. While the course has 18 holes, the onsite restaurant is known as the 19th hole. With a bar on the terrace, guests can enjoy a wonderful meal while overlooking scenic views of the golf course. While dining you have a panoramic view of the whole golf course and countryside. Many guests enjoy staying onsite at the golf club, but the club is conveniently located by various areas great for indoor and outdoor activities.

Additional Ways to Enjoy Your Stay at Amarante

Whether traveling as a couple or as a family, enjoyable options to have fun are endless in the region. Golfe De Amarante is in close proximity to various activities such as fishing, swimming, hunting, canoeing, mountaineering, and so much more. When considering such activities it helps to research these areas when making reservations or booking your accommodations. The golf club offers several discounts and deals when you make your reservation online. In some cases, it may depend on when you plan to visit the club.

The calendar of events at Golfe De Amarante features a number of tournaments scheduled all year round. Each month there is an event or championship tournament. Depending on the activity you have the option of signing up to participate.

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