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Estela Golf Course Reservations

Have you ever wanted to play golf directly by the ocean? The Estela Golf Club may be the place you are seeking for your next golf vacation holiday. The club sits comfortably along the Atlantic Ocean and previous guests say they couldn’t get enough of its breathtaking views and inviting ocean waves. The course has an abundance of sand dunes that are pleasing to the eyes, while offering golfers a pleasant challenge. Golfers can enjoy 18 holes with par 72 and a number of other accommodations for additional comfort. The Estela Golf Club is a great place even for those who find golf to be a boring sport.

Play Golf with Natural Beauty by Open Ocean Waters

Aside from being in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Estela Golf Course features two enormous lakes. A number of golfers say they like this feature but it presents a challenge against Mother Nature when the wind is blowing across the waters. There are plenty of narrow fairways for golfers to tackle across the course. Some holes are definitely a challenge since a number of golfers may not be able to get the ball back on the green on their second shot, depending on which hole is being played. In other words, this course has its competitive points that even expert golfers may find interesting. The course conditions are pretty healthy, even though it has been known to endure torrential rains during the winter.

Golfers looking for some relaxation have a number of options to consider at the Estela Golf Course. For instance, guests can enjoy swimming at the beach that is onsite. A number of guests have enjoyed lying out and enjoying the sunshine on warm days. Another relaxing option for guests includes the sauna. This feature is enjoyed by golfers and non-golfers alike. Golfers enjoy the visit when they get stiff muscles from playing on the golf course. Those who feel golf is boring or would rather do something else, soaking in a sauna may be the perfect option.

Other Useful Information about Estela Golf

Prior to your visit you should review the course map in its entirety. This allows you to get a bird’s eye view of each hole and how to strategically play it. Some parts of the course are smoother than others, and some holes are shorter with many saying the 3rd hole is the most difficult. Reading reviews and feedback comments from previous guests can also give an idea on how challenging the course is. It helps to get different perspectives especially if you have never played on the course before. Plus, you may find a few tips on how to get the winning shot at some of the more difficult holes.

Estela Golf is high recommended to anyone visiting the northern Portugal area. Aside from comfortable accommodations, beautiful breathtaking nature views, great dining, and engaging activities, the golf club is sure to offer memorable experiences to those who stay.

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